April 2019 

Dear Families, 

Most misbehavior is a normal part of growing up.  Elementary is a time when kids can find out about their   emotional needs and find out ways to have their needs met while developing skills critical to navigating difficulty and conflict.  The types of challenges that children may encounter range from conflict, rudeness, meanness, to bullying.  We have high expectations for your child.  Holding students accountable while teaching them how to manage their behavior is our goal at Dos Rios.  When you hear that your child has gone to the safe seat, know that the student was not successful at a certain task and we are using the seat to take a step back and reteach successful behavior.  Parents sometimes ask me, “How long will the student stay in the Safety Seat.“ The answer is not based on the amount of time but the student’s ability in displaying successful, appropriate behavior.  We do want your support when a student has to go to the safe seat.  Some questions you might ask your child if they go to the Safe Seat are:

What happened before you went to the safe seat?

What do you plan on doing the next time____________ happens?

Who can you talk to when you have this problem?

When your child talks to you about troubles at school, you can always call the teacher or the principal.  We need to work as a team so that your child is as successful as possible?

Enjoy the Spring!

Vernann Raney

Talent Show

Dos Rios will have its first talent show on May 2nd at 6:00 PM.  Mr. Staub will have auditions soon.  Please mark your calendar.  More information to follow!

Dates to Remember:

April     10    -     5th Grade Field Trip-Eureka! McConnell Science Museum

             17   -      2nd Grade Field Trip-Eureka! McConnell Science Museum

             24   -      PTO Meeting (2:15 Library)

        25   -      Kindergarten Music Program-6:00 PM (Be here at 5:30)

        26   -      Hat Day (Proceeds to 5th Grade

             29   -      No School (Elementary Planning Day)

Spring Dress Code

As the weather gets warmer, we would like to remind families of the following guidelines for appropriate dress at school.  Please help your child make choices that will be conducive to a positive learning environment.  Students should not wear spaghetti straps or other abbreviated wear, i.e.: half shirts, crop tops, short shorts, slogans promoting alcohol, drugs, sex or violence, or sagging pants.  Let’s keep our focus on student learning!  Any dress which is deemed inappropriate or distracting should not be worn at school.  This includes hair of unnatural colors.  Also, footwear needs to be appropriate. Loose sandals (such as “flip-flops”) contribute to injuries when children run during recess or P.E.


5th Grade Parents:  Please be aware that the middle school has an Instructional Fee required of all students.  This fee is $40.  To know more about what this fee covers, please refer to the District Web page.  Look under the Tab for PARENTS.  There is a wealth of information about the fee and other information regarding middle school.  Also, please let the office know if your child is not attending Orchard Mesa Middle School next year.


The registration for the 2019/20 school year will be on-line.  You will need to set up a ParentVue Account on a computer.  If you do not have access to a computer, come into the school and we will provide you access to one.

Hat Day

Hat Day is April 26th (Proceeds go to 5th Grade).

Thank you to all our volunteers who put so much time and effort into working with Dos Rios students and staff.  We appreciate all the hard work that you do to make a difference in the education of Dos Rios students! 

Important: Parents!


Testing will be going on from now until the end of April.  We ask that you not schedule appointments during this time and make sure your child is well rested and at school on time.  We also ask that you not pull them early at the end of the day since we have testing sessions in the afternoon as well.  Thank you for all you do to support your child!                

Kindergarten Parents

Don’t forget the music program performed by Kindergarteners on April 25th at 6 pm in the Gym.

(Kinders be here at 5:30 pm)